Monday, April 09, 2007

Facing Facts

Facing facts...what to do when life isn't perfect.

No one likes hearing bad news, but unless you live in a bubble, it's fairly unavoidable. No, scratch that -- even completely internal realizations can be stumbling blocks. We have certain preconceptions about who we are, who others are and how life works. When you discover a glitch in the blueprint, you have to scramble to adapt the plan. Trust that you and your decisions will be stronger for it. Here are a few reminders on how to cope with unexpected let-downs.



Ignorance is hardly bliss. Yet our first instinct is to ignore an unpleasant reality for as long as possible. We stay in relationships long after they're over, put a happy face on strained friendships and pursue careers we don't really want. Resist the urge to bury your head in the sand. Telling yourself to "just get over it" is an unrealistic. Grieving -- whether you're grieving a friend, a relationship or a dream -- is an active process. Write in a journal. Even people who don't do any personal writing can find it a helpful way through a crisis. Talking to friends or to a trusted advisor is another crucial coping skill that can accelerate your process. Remember, we usually have to see a scenario from multiple angles before we can truly accept it. Talking your way through the problem, even if it seems repetitive, is an effective way to come up with solutions for those things we can change and accept those we cannot.



The process is important, but giving yourself permission to explore a crisis fully is not the same as locking yourself in a room with it. Stay busy. If you're holed up somewhere thinking about it, it's not long before your bad news takes center stage. You don't have to work through it all at once, and you don't have to do it alone. Your mind will still be churning when you're on the treadmill, at the movies and on the beach with friends.


Move On

Once you come to a conclusion, take your own advice. Take steps to solve the problem or commit to accepting the loss. You relationship isn't working out? Start that dialogue with your partner, and begin looking ahead. Your job isn't making you happy? Search for new opportunities, even new career paths. Just getting a glimpse of what else is out there can keep you from feeling like you're at a dead end.

The most important step in dealing with unwanted information is to understand that life always moves forward. No matter how conflicted you are, what seems devastating today will be another chapter in your story tomorrow. And whether or not it is obvious at the time, every crisis is an opportunity to define yourself. We only think we want life to be easy; it's challenges make us who we are.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Harmony vs. Balance...what works for you?

People talk about the importance of finding balance in their complicated and unpredictable lives but some argue that balance is in fact over rated, and that in order to achieve happiness, it's better to shake things up."Balance is bogus," says James Ray, President and CEO of James Ray International, a multimillion dollar corporation dedicated to teaching individuals to create wealth in all areas of their lives (

"Look at a scale in perfect balance: nothing is happening... it's stagnant... there's no movement... there's no progress... in fact, there's no life at all."Harmony is where it's at. Only when all areas of one's life are in accord can true wealth be obtained, adds Ray. Trying to achieve balance is unrealistic and sets you up for failure, adds Alicia M. Rodriguez, a Leadership Coach and founder of Sophia Associates."This is because balance is a duality that creates an 'either/or' dynamic." For example, you can go to work and forge a career, or you can become a stay-at-home-mom. The myth of balance imposes unrealistic expectations. You are limited by whether you are in balance (good) or out of balance (bad).

Harmony, on the other hand, is like a jazz band, suggesting a combination of sounds from voices or musical instruments. It's a diverse synergistic experience that allows flexibility, expansion and contraction, says Ray.Think of Mother Earth; harmony is created even out of chaos. Nature's harmony takes into account the "whole" system, not merely one or two aspects. Harmony allows for more choices and empowers us with a greater capacity to ease elegantly through the challenges of life.

Ways to Achieve Harmonic Wealth:
Check in With Yourself

Harmony is impossible if you are living a life full of regrets or if you are a workaholic who lacks love and intimacy. You need to 'water' your life along with your friends and family. As Dr. Janet Maccaro, an expert in women's health and nutrition reminds us, your biography becomes your biology.
Step away from your life a bit and begin to think of the how the many aspects of your life are inter-related. Feel confident that you can adjust fluidly to challenges.
Adapt without guilt or judgment.

Harmony will enable you to feel that you have more choices available to you and that no one area of your life needs to take the brunt of the additional strain of life's unexpected challenges.
"Stop, look, and listen to your inner voice.

Understand that life is a journey of self discovery that can only be experienced when you take the time to rise and meet the challenge of finding out what makes you tick and what has been making you sick," says Maccaro.

Five Pillars

Think of life's key areas: Financial, relational, mental (intellect and emotions), physical and spiritual. These pillars however will never be equally strong all the time (read: balanced). And that's a great thing. If they were, life would be unchanging and--yawn--incredibly boring.
To create what Ray calls 'harmonic wealth,' start by realizing that "all five areas must have some attention all the time - not that all areas demand all your attention all the time."
To do this, ask probing questions to get a sense of where you stand and where chaos may be brewing. Recognize where surpluses and deficits exist and then shift your energy as needed. Forget the notion of not being 'good enough.' Being a complete human being requires unpredictability. That's what makes us grow. "It's like playing jazz, which has less to do with creating planned melodies and more with improvising interesting nuances," says Ray. "Variation makes a composition exciting and the same is true with life."

If we consistently think in terms of maintaining harmony, instead of balance, we can also put in place additional reserves of energy, time, money or resources for those times when we are met with the unexpected. When the crisis or event is over, we can then adjust back as needed but we have not burdened ourselves with whether it was good or bad… it just was.
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Check this out!

It's really freaky how this worked...everytime. Have fun
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Monday, February 26, 2007

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Free yourself and lose the baggage

Above photo by: HMBT
(aka BAD! Kitty)
It isn't helping you...your mental baggage that is.

In fact, the insidious regret from the last couple decades that has slithered its way into you, even now threatens to cloud your perspective, hinder your decision making, and disturb your peace of mind. So why are you still lugging it around? It's yours.

You have the power to do with it what you will -- whether that's cling to your shabby mental baggage for life or cast it away for good. Just in case you decide on the latter, here are a few tips on clearing the air.


The only possible application for regret is that it helps us resolve not to repeat mistakes. Outside of that, it has no purpose. Regret comes too late to affect an outcome, and it can leave you blind to opportunity and paralyzed with self-doubt. Acknowledge that which you would have done differently -- or rather that which you will do differently in the future -- and let it go. It's been said many times by many people wiser than I: it's the things you don't do that you regret. When you can forgive yourself your humanity and your past mistakes, you'll be free to live a life you won't have to regret not living.

Fear is the future tense of regret. And like regret, it offers little benefit and worlds of hurt. Don't let fear hide in justification; one of is most destructive qualities is that it's destructive. I can't try that now, I'm too busy with this. I would do that, but it's not in my nature. They say you should live your life as if you were not afraid. As if you were not. We are all afraid of something.

Acknowledge your fears and your doubts, then pursue what you want anyway.

The big misconception is that people who are brave live without fear, when without fear there could be no courage.

Be afraid and Act anyway.

Since "letting go" of unwanted regrets and fears is easier said than done, sometimes a tool or two can be helpful. Visualization is a technique used by athletes, therapists and artists, and it can be a powerful tool in ridding yourself of negative influences on your thinking. Be patient and open-minded. Changing your thinking doesn't happen overnight, but it is possible if you believe in your ability to change.

Choose a memory of a regret that you often think of or a criticism you often have of yourself. It helps if the example is something you can see, like a specific incidence or a particular scenario you fear.

Concentrate until the image is clear in your mind including the visual details, sounds and emotions.

Then watch the entire scene get smaller and smaller, until is disappears entirely. If it's clearer for you, you can place it in a box and send it out to sea or blow it up and watch the fragments scatter through the air.

Another application of visualization is the reinstatement of your positive, powerful thoughts.

Picture yourself as you believe you can be -- as confident, beautiful, compassionate and competent as your fullest potential can yield.

Use all the detail you used in the past exercise and visualize yourself in the life you want. It may sound a little abstract, but it's a technique that has been proven effective time and again. Your brain is susceptible to repetition, digging deeper and deeper trenches of belief the more an idea is reinforced.

Visualization is one way of reversing the regret and doubt you've been feeding yourself and reinforcing your own power over your thoughts.
Replace bad habits with good ones

Change is not a passive activity.

You can't will away bad habits (it's like telling yourself not to think about the elephant) but you can instate a positive habit every time you feel those negative thoughts rearing their heads.

Replace self-criticism with self-praise.

When you feel like despairing, look for the opportunity that has come from your disappointment.

Embrace your fear, and acknowledge the courage it takes to act anyway.

You can't just pledge to stop eating so many empty carbs; you have to replace them with fruits and satisfying proteins and fats.

If you're tired of doubting yourself, you have to create a new mantra to replace your silent self criticism.

If you lie awake berating yourself for what you haven't done,

concentrate instead on what you have accomplished.

Purging physical baggage can help reinforce your mental exorcism.

Have you ever experienced that feeling of lightness or freedom once you clean out a closet or reorganize a garage?

Our stuff surrounds us; it's in our way and in our periphery whether we actively acknowledge it or not.

Tell yourself you're adopting a new outlook, free of the past and the future, and make changes to your space to emphasize and empower your choice.

Get rid of everything you don't need.

Put them in storage if you must, but get them out of your way.

And by all means, if you have remnants of old relationships and haunts from the past, dispel!

You'll feel free of the stuff that's been holding you back, and you'll have made room for your new, empowered endeavors.


Here's to a lighter load for us all.

Free yourself and let the world see who you really are...

we all need you.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Prosperity Game

I am playing with my future. I am creating the mindset that I can be, do and create any life I want to have. I am re-programming my mind and energy for success.

One of the tools I am using for the energy shift is this game.

I love the way it makes me feel and makes stretch from the inside out. I recommend it all.

May the world be a comfortable and welcoming place for you today.

Here's to the journey!


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